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Uses: Treats life-threatening bacterial infections in birds and racing pigeons.

Doses: As per directions

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Avivet Powder For Racing Pigeon and Birds

A product from MedPet – Avivet is an efficient broad-spectrum antibiotic that treats life-threatening bacterial infections in birds and racing pigeons. It prevents and controls respiratory diseases in raptors and pigeons. The special formula quickens the recovery process and helps birds to regain strength quickly. Highly used during breeding and racing season, Avivet is safe for all breeds of pigeons and birds.


An effective treatment for Salmonellosis (Paratyphoid) and E-Coli, Avivet is highly used by fanciers. It contains high concentrations of Amoxycillin antibiotic that help to treat infections in lungs and gut. Formulated with high-grade supplements and essential vitamins, it helps to recover faster. This composition helps racing pigeons and birds to regain strength quickly.

Key Benefits
  • Avivet is a high impact treating powder for birds, pigeons and poultry.
  • This oral administration cures dangerous diseases in racing pigeons and birds.
  • It treats bacterial infections and protects birds from its harmful effects.
  • Avivet treats various respiratory tract diseases apart from Salmonellosis (Paratyphoid) and E-Coli.
  • There are no possible side effects, so Avivet is safe to treat cage birds, raptors and racing pigeons.
  • Enriched with multivitamins and essential nutrients, this bird supply helps infected birds to recover faster.
  • Mix 5 gm (one heaped teaspoonful) to 1 litre of drinking water.
  • Treat your bird with this prepared solution for 5 to 7 days.
  • Keep the container tightly closed.
  • Store it away from children and pets.
  • Use it for birds only.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.


  • No contraindications found yet.
More Info
Target Species Pigeons, birds and poultry
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Amoxycillin 40gm, Vit A 2000 I.U, Vit B1 2mg, Vit B2 10mg, Vit B6 2mg, Vit B12 4.8mg, Vit C 20mg, Vit E 20mg, Vit K32mg, Niacin 20mg
Brand Name Avivet
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Simply amazing

Mar 12, 2024



Great treatment. I am happy with the results.

Feb 21, 2024


Excellent product

My bird had bacterial infections and this product worked well to help him get over it.

Jan 20, 2024



I was able to dose this to my coops easily. And it seems to be working well too.

Dec 26, 2023



Cleared all bacterial infections within a week.

Nov 23, 2023

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