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Coximed for Bird Supplies

Coximed 100 Tablets - Coximed Racing Pigeon and Birds Treatment

Coximed is an effective solution for treating Coccidiosis in birds. This oral treatment controls and prevents the infection in young, racing and breeding pigeons. Coximed is highly beneficial for sick pigeons as it treats faster and helps to restore pigeon’s health without any possible side effects. The single dose treatment works perfectly to prevent re-infestation.   

How does it work?

Coximed works effectively in controlling Coccidiosis in birds. It contains Diclazuril an active ingredient that destroys the parasite and restores pigeons’ health. If you are treating a pigeon in a coop, then consider treating all the pigeons in the same coop to avoid spreading of infection from one to another. It is essential to maintain proper hygiene in pigeon houses to prevent re-infestation. This oral treatment is safe to administer pigeons during breeding season also.

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4.7/5 Based on 12 Review(s)
Ward Effective preventive

To protect our poultry birds against seasonal infections, we usually use this product as preventive and it works very well.

Crystal Amazing product

No side effects, no post recovery signs. It's great

Jennifer Effective

effective and affordable

Jacob coximend

it is the only product that works for our coop.

Brittany Best for our birds

Best for our birds