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Joint Guard

Rated : 4.8/5
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Uses: Dietary supplement that prevents, treats and controls joint problems in dogs.
Doses: 1 Dose = 1 Daily
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Joint Guard for Dogs

Joint Guard for Dogs
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Joint Guard for Dogs

Joint Guard for dogs is a dietary supplement that prevents, treats and controls joint problems in all breeds of dogs. It is highly effective for breeds that are susceptible to joint problems. It reduces joint pain due to injuries and enhances mobility in dogs especially arthritic and aging felines. The nutritionally rich powder provides components for cartilage building, synovial fluid generation and development of healthy joint muscles.

How does it work?

Joint Guard powder for dogs contains Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin sulfate as the active ingredients. The synergistic effect of both play an active role in building cartilage matrix, formation of synovial fluid, development of soft connective tissues in joints. It reduces chances of infections in injured joints and improves mobility of joints.

Joint Guard is highly beneficial in preventing joint issues in arthritic dogs or those with genetic tendencies of joint disorders. It reduces degeneration of joint tissues and keeps the pet healthy.

Key Benefits


  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs
  • Excellent dietary supplement for joint problems in dogs
  • Contains all the necessary nutrients for joint cartilage repair and maintenance
  • Ideal nutritional support for arthritic dogs
  • Aids in building cartilage matrix, synovial fluid and joint tissues
  • Regular usage helps prevent degeneration of cartilage by supplying critical components.
  • Prolonged use helps reduce inflammations in joints
  • Prevents infections in joints



It is given as an initial treatment for about four to six weeks. It is then followed by a maintenance dosage for the time advised by the veterinarian. Dosage depends on the weight of the dog. Weigh your dog and administer as follows:


Dog weight Initial 4-6 weeks dosage Maintenance dosage
<5 kg 2 scoops daily 1 scoop/day
5-10 Kg 4 scoops daily 2 scoops/day



  • Store at a dry place away from moisture.
  • Keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store it below 30 degree Celsius.
  • For diabetic and obese dogs, consult your vet first.


  • Do not give to diabetic dogs without the consent of the vet.
  • There are no known contraindications of JointGuard for dogs. 

More Info

More Info

Target species All breeds of dogs
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Glucosamine Hydrochloride
Chondroitin sulfate
Manufacturer Nature Vet
Brand Name Joint Guard
Ratings & Reviews
4.8/5 Based on 5 Review(s)
  • Ashtonjoint guard

    improves mobility and relieves joint pain.

  • Mitchelljoint guard

    I'm pleased to have found the product online. My dog/s have used it for years.

  • David Admirable Product

    Very effective on pets having joint problems.I found this to be one all remedy for my pet.

  • GregoryBest for my dog

    I have been giving this treatment to our adorable 10 year old Labrador. The results are very pleasing after past 12 months of administration. Not only has she remained active, but when she had hurt her ligament in her front leg, this formula appeared to help her - much more than the injections given to her by her veterinarian

  • NEALsupplement

    best supplement for my pug's joint health

  •  1  

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