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Brand: Bob Martin Vetcare Dewormer

Bob Martin Vetcare Dewormer

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Bob Martin Vetcare Dewormer for Dogs Small To Medium

Pack Size
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2 Tablets

Bob Martin Vetcare Dewormer for Large Dogs

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5 Tablets
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Bob Martin Vetcare Deworming Formula for Dogs

Bob Martin Vetcare Deworming Tablets are a multi-worm composition that treats a variety of gastrointestinal worm infections in dogs. This easy to administer tablet formula uses three high-quality ingredients to provide complete worm protection. It kills roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms including Echinococcus.

Bob Martin Vetcare Dewormer has been indicated for use in puppies and dogs of all breeds and all weight sizes.

How does it work?

Bob Martin Vetcare Dewormer is a 3-in-1 formula that is composed of three active ingredients; pyrantel pamoate, oxantel pamoate and praziquantel. Pyrantel pamoate kills roundworms and hookworms; oxantel pamoate eliminates whipworms, and praziquantel provides protection against tapeworms including Echinococcus.

Key Benefits
  • Multi worm treatment for dogs
  • Easy to administer tablet form
  • Comprises three high-quality ingredients
  • Provides protection against all major intestinal worms
  • Kills tapeworms including Echinococcus
  • Eliminates roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms
  • Can be mixed with dog meals
  • Recommended for all dog breeds and age groups
  • Administer Bob Martin dewormer tablets orally by mixing into dog meals.
  • The standard dosage is one tablet per 22lbs (10kg) body weight.

Bob Martin Vetcare for Small to Medium Dogs

Dog Weight

Number of Tablets to be Given

Up to 11lbs (5kg)

1/2 tablet

Between 11 – 22lbs (5 – 10kg)

1 tablet

Between 22 – 44lbs (10 – 20kg)

2 tablets

Bob Martin Vetcare for Large Dogs

Dog Weight

Number of Tablets to be Given

Between 44 - 66lbs (20 – 30kg)

3 tablets

Between 66 – 88lbs (30 – 40kg)

4 tablets

Between 88 – 110lbs (40 – 50kg)

5 tablets

  • Use only on dogs
  • Keep away from children, uninformed people and pets
  • Follow standard dosage guidelines
  • Store in a cool, dry place
More Info
Active Ingredients:

Praziquantel (50mg), Pyrantel Pamoate (140mg), and Oxantel Pamoate (545mg)

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Effective dewormer

An effective dewormer against the most common worms found in dogs.

May 16, 2023


Excellent product

Excellent prodcut, will be buying it again!

May 15, 2023

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