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Seraquin for Cats

Rated : 4.67/5
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Uses: Promotes joint health and improves joint functionality in aging cats.
Doses: As per directions
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Seraquin for Cats 800 mg

Seraquin for Cats 800 mg
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Seraquin 800mg Supplement for Cats

Seraquin for Cats is specially designed to promote healthy joint function and control degeneration of joints due to age or injury. The oral treatment supports the natural functioning of joints and takes time to build up in the system. Regular use aids your cat’s natural systems and helps improve her joint health. Seraquin addresses joint problems and improves vitality and mobility in aging cats.

How does it work?

Seraquin contains ingredients - Glucosamine and Chondroitin that occur naturally in a cat’s body. The composition helps rebuild joint cartilage and reduces daily wear and tear. The supplement provides anti-inflammatory effects. Chondroitin restricts the degeneration of cartilage whist providing the building blocks for new cartilage, also contains turmeric extract, which helps in maintaining healthy cartilage. Daily dosage provides relief from pain and increases mobility in cats suffering from arthritis of degenerative joint disease. 

Key Benefits


  • Designed uniquely compared to other joint supplements
  • Helps reduce degradation of cartilage caused by oxidative stress
  • Also helps lower distress and discomfort in cats with lower urinary tract disease
  • Helps support your cat’s joints
  • Highly palatable and can be given as part of your cat’s diet life long
  • Improves joint function and mobility in cats



  • Administer it through mouth orally.
  • Can be mixed in food.
  • According to the weight provide the dosage.
  • Dosage should be reduced after the initial period.



  • Strictly follow dosage instructions, do not overdose your dog.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Store it away from children and pets.

More Info

More Info

Target species Cats
Mode of Administration Oral
Ingredient Glucosamine, Chondroitin
Manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim
Brand Name Seraquin
Ratings & Reviews
4.67/5 Based on 9 Review(s)
  • Jefferyright choice

    we needed a supplement that simply works for skin health and we are here with the right choice

  • ElizabethWorks great

    Vet recommended these for our siamese cat - she had fracture in her leg when a kitten and now has arthritis, she's been taking these for some years, it's working and now don't need to give her painkillers or steroids.

  • DeborahPerfect solution

    I was not convinced at first but I am now. Rufus my 13-year-old feline pal could hardly walk. After 8 weeks on this supplement, he is doing just fine, he will never be a young cat again & it would be rather foolish to expect that but the improvement is quite remarkable. Great product!

  • Christy best for skin care

    this is the best product for skin care. no more skin conditions.

  • WigingtonFirst class product

    first class product for the skin and working well at the moment.thanks.

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