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Revolution for Dogs

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Brand: Revolution
Uses: Destroys heartworm larvae and prevents heartworms. Kills fleas, ticks, sarcoptic mange and ear mites.
Doses: 1 Dose/Pipette = 1 Month
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Revolution for Kittens / Puppies (Pink)

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Pack Size
3 Doses
Pack Size
6 Doses

Revolution for Very Small Dogs 5.1-10 lbs (Purple)

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3 Doses
Pack Size
6 Doses
Pack Size
12 Doses

Revolution for Small Dogs 10.1 - 20lbs (Brown)

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3 Doses
Pack Size
6 Doses
Pack Size
12 Doses

Revolution for Medium Dogs 20.1-40lbs (Red)

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3 Doses
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6 Doses
Pack Size
12 Doses

Revolution for Large Dogs 40.1-85lbs (Green)

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3 Doses
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6 Doses
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12 Doses

Revolution Heartworm Prevention for Dogs

Revolution is a monthly topical formulation used for treating fleas and ear mites and preventing heartworms in puppies and dogs. The yellow colored solution is also an effective tick killer and controls sarcoptic mange.   It saves the pet from diseases caused by various internal and external parasites. It is a waterproof and odorless treatment. It kills heartworm larvae found in puppies, dogs, breeding and lactating female dogs thus preventing heartworm infestation.

How it works?

A Zoetis product, Revolution for dogs is a monthly topical spot-on treatment that destroys heartworm larvae, fleas, ticks, sarcoptic mange, and ear mites. It is formulated to suit puppies, adult dogs, breeding dogs, and nursing female dogs. It is highly potent in destroying immature life stages of heartworms and fleas.

Made up of Selamectin as the active ingredient, this spot-on treatment prevents diseases caused by various types of parasites. The fragrance-free and waterproof treatment remains active even after the pet gets wet. When used year-round, it provides complete protection to the pet from parasite borne diseases.

Key Benefits
  • One treatment for multiple parasites.
  • Destroys heartworm larvae and thus blocks its development into adult stage.
  • Saves the pet from heartworm diseases.
  • Kills and controls fleas, ticks, ear mites and sarcoptic mange.
  • Reduces chances of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
  • Waterproof and odorless treatment.
  • Provides complete protection against parasite borne diseases.  
  • Once the existing heartworm test is negative, you can start treating the pet with Revolution. Choose the relevant color-coded pack as per the weight of your pet. Refer Package table for details.
  • For application, let the pet stand comfortably and easily. Part the fur at an area between the shoulder blades of the pet.
  • On the bare skin spot, place the tip of open pipette and squeeze out the entire content.
  • Puppies and small dogs need to be treated at one spot only while medium and large dogs need to be treated at 4-5 spots on the backbone.
  • Allow the spot to be completely dry. Revolution is safe for breeding, lactating and nursing female dogs as well. For further guidance, consult a vet.


Dog weight Dog Size Packet color
<= 5 lbs Puppies Pink
5.1-10 lbs Very small Purple
10.1-20 lbs Small Brown
20.1-40 lbs Medium Red
40.1-85 lbs Large Green
  • Prior to starting Revolution, get your pet tested for existing heartworm infection. Consult a vet before starting the treatment.
  • Do not apply Revolution spot-on treatment on puppies younger than 6 weeks of age.
  • Do not use on pets allergic to any of the ingredients of Revolution.
  • While applying Revolution, do not eat, drink or smoke.
  • Keep it at a safe distance from the pet’s eyes and mouth.
  • Store in cool place, away from heat, as it is highly inflammable.
  • Allow the application site to be completely dry.
  • Keep away from children and food items.
  • Wash hands and exposed skin area after treating the pet.
  • On observing any side effects, consult a vet immediately.


  • Do not use on dogs younger than 6 weeks of age.
More Info
Target species 6 weeks and older puppies and dogs
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredient Selamectin
Manufacturer Zoetis
Brand Name Revolution
Latest Queries

What Does Revolution Treat In Dogs?

When used in dogs, Revolution treats parasites like fleas, mites, scabies, and certain ticks. The topical treatment is also good at controlling heartworm infections.


How long does it take for Revolution to work on dogs?

Revolution starts working within 4 to 8 hours of application, and it reaches its full effectiveness within the first week. Existing adult fleas start dying in the first 4- 8 hours of treatment with Revolution.


Is Revolution Bad For Dogs?

Revolution is not recommended to be used in sick, debilitated or underweight animals. Dogs should be tested for heartworm disease prior to giving Revolution.


How Often Can I Apply Revolution To My Dog?

Revolution should be applied once a month for the control of the American Dog Tick, However, your veterinarian may advise applying the second dose 14 days after the first dose if your dog has a heavy tick infestation and/or recommend additional tick control methods.


How does Revolution for dogs work?

Revolution is a quick-drying and non-greasy spot-on treatment for dogs. It enters the bloodstream through the skin and prevents heartworm disease. Again redistributes from the blood to the skin, where it treats and protects against fleas, flea eggs, American dog ticks, ear mites, and scabies mites.


What happens if I miss applying a dose of Revolution (Selamectin)?

As soon as you remember, apply the missed dose. Do not give a double dose of the treatment.


Still Have Questions? – Please email us your queries at and we will be happy to help you.

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