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Malacetic Conditioner

Malacetic Conditioner


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  • 230 Ml
Malacetic Conditioner 230 Ml

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Uses: Conditions and smooths skin and coat.

Doses: As per directions

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Malacetic Conditioner for Dogs/Cats

Malacetic Conditioner for dogs and cats is an excellent add-on after shampooing. This conditioner helps to detangle and smooth the fur. It enhances coat texture and adds glossiness. Malacetic conditioner leaves the coat shiny and silky. It can be used for both dry application as well as wet application.

Malacetic Conditioner for Dogs, Cats & Horses

Malacetic Conditioner contains active ingredients that provide the smoothening effect. The ingredients effectively condition pet fur and leave it tangle-free. It aids to maintain and retain moisture keeping skin smooth and shiny. It enhances the overall texture of fur and improves sheen.

Key Benefits
  • Helps improve skin and coat texture
  • Supports to remove odor and oiliness
  • Aids to repair and restore damaged skin
  • pH balanced formula
  • Prevents skin conditions
  • Leaves the hair and coat shiny and smooth

Shake well before use.

For dry application:

  • Apply directly to skin and haircoat and allow to dry.

For wet application or after shampooing:

  • Remove excess moisture and apply directly to skin and haircoat.
  • Use as often as desired or as directed by veterinarian.
  • Store at controlled room temperature of 15 - 30° C (59 - 86° F).
  • Do not use on severely irritated skin.
  • For topical use only.
  • Avoid contact with your pet's eyes.
  • If skin irritation develops or increases, do not use and call your veterinarian.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Wash hands after use.
More Info
Target species Dogs and Cats
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredient Acetic acid, boric acid, silicone, glycerin, sodium lactate, safflower oil (linoleic acid), fragrance
Brand Name Dechra
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Shiny hair

This stuff really works for my large dog with huge thick fur. I just apply it after shampooing and works leaving shiny and silky coat.

Oct 24, 2017

Leslie Bartel

MalAcetic Conditioner

Excellent Product

Oct 13, 2017


Good on coat

Makes my dog's skin shine and make fur smooth. Never tried other product. This seems best.

Oct 13, 2017

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