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Nexgard Chewables for Small Dogs 4-10lbs (Orange) 11mg


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Nexgard Chewables for Small Dogs 4-10lbs (Orange) 11mg 3 Chews

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Uses: Flea and tick oral treatment.

Doses: 1 Chew = 1 Month

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Nexgard Chews for Small Dogs (Orange) - Flea and Tick Oral Treatment

Nexgard is a beef flavored chewable that kills fleas and ticks found on dogs. This new formulation created a revolution by being the first chewable that kills both fleas and ticks. Moreover, it also treats American dog tick, Brown dog tick, Lone star tick and Black-legged tick. A monthly treatment, it starts killing fleas within 8 hours and destroys 100% adult fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours of administration. Its continuous activity for four weeks keeps killing adult fleas before they lay eggs and thus prevents future infestations.

Nexgard for small dogs

How does Nexgard Orange works?

Nexgard contains Afoxolaner as the active ingredient. This never used before ingredient kills fleas and ticks by over-stimulating their nervous system. The ingredient mixes with the pet’s blood stream in 8 hours. When fleas or ticks bite the treated pet’s skin they consume this deadly killer and die due to hyper-excitation of nervous system. The ingredient remains active throughout the month and keeps destroying new fleas and ticks found on the pet’s body.

This new age treatment breaks the flea life cycle by killing fleas before egg production. This way, it reduces flea population by eliminating existing fleas as well as reducing egg production. It is highly effective in killing and controlling American dog ticks, deer ticks and lone star ticks.

Important Note: Kindly note that as Merial is now part of Boehringer Ingelheim, the manufacturer’s name may differ on the product packs according to the stock availability.

Caution: Please consult your vet before buying this product. Dogs with a history of seizure should only be treated after consulting a vet.

Key Benefits

Nexgard Benefits:

  • Nexgard is a vet recommended flea and tick preventive treatment for dogs
  • 89% of dogs take this soft beef-flavored chewable as a treat
  • Fast treatment that starts action within 8 hours of administration
  • Destroys 100% adult fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours
  • Remains active for one month
  • Easy to use oral treatment that poses no issues of residue, staining, and drying
  • Also effective against American dog tick, brown dog tick, Lone star tick, and Black-legged tick
  • Can be clubbed with other heartworm medicines, anthelmintics, etc

Nexgard Chews Dosage for Dogs:

  • Afoxolaner dosage varies in accordance with the weight of the pet. The ideal administration dosage is 2.7-6.9 mg/Kg bodyweight.
  • Give the tablet by directly placing it in the pet’s mouth. If the pet resists taking the tablet directly then mix it with his food.
  • Monitor that the pet completes his food to confirm the consumption of entire dosage of Nexgard. Repeat every month, if possible then on the same date.
  • Nexgard chewable tablets are available in four different color-coded packs. Weigh your pet first and choose the relevant package. Check the dosage table for details.

Nexgard Chews Dosage for Dogs/Puppies (8 weeks and older puppies, dogs weighing at least 2 Kgs):

Dog Weight No. of Dosage Dosage strength (mg Afoxolaner)
4-10 lbs Administer one chew 11.3 mg
10.1-24 lbs Administer one chew 28.3 mg
24.1-60 lbs Administer one chew 68.0 mg
60.1-121 lbs Administer one chew 136.0 mg
Over 121 lbs Give appropriate combination of Dosages
Nexgard Tips

Nexgard Safety Measures:

  • Nexgard is formulated only for dogs. Do not give to any other species of domesticated animals.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Wash hands after administering the chewable tablet.
  • Adhere to the label instructions. Do not overdose.
  • Store at temperature below 30°C (86°F).
  • Do not use after the expiry date mentioned on the label.


Important Note:

  • Do not use in dogs who have a history of muscle tremors, seizures, and ataxia without your vet's advice.
  • Hypersensitive pets may face side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, dry or flaky skin, lethargy, loss of appetite, etc. Consult a vet if the pet shows any of these signs.
  • The use of Nexgard in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs is not confirmed.
More Info
Target species 8 weeks and older puppies and dogs weighing at least 2 Kgs
Breed Size Small, Medium, Large & X-Large for Dogs
Mode of administration Oral
Effective For External Parasites (Fleas, Ticks)
Active Ingredient Afoxolaner
Brand Name Nexgard Chews for Dogs

How does Nexgard Chewable work?

Nexgard contains the active substance Afoxolaner, which acts as an 'ectoparasiticide'. This ingredient kills parasites that live on or in the skin or in the fur of animals, such as fleas, ticks, and mites.

Does Nexgard treat heartworms?

No. Nexgard doesn’t treat heartworms but Nexgard Spectra covers fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

What is the best way to administer Nexgard?

According to a study, 89% of dogs love the taste of this chewable and take it directly in the mouth. It can be given with or without food. If the pet resists the tablet then mix it with his food like other medicines. Repeat every month preferably on the same date.

Is Nexgard safe for my dog?

When used as directed, Nexgard has been shown to be safe and effective in various breeds of dogs including the Collie breed. However, adverse reactions are rarely observed but may include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, in-appetence (loss of appetite), itching, and very rarely seizures. Use caution in dogs with a history of epilepsy or any other seizure disorder.

Does Nexgard need to be given food?
NexGard does not need to be given food. Pet owners can choose to give the chew at any time that suits them – with or without a meal.

When can I start administering Nexgard for dogs?

It can be started any time of the year and continued in all seasons. For heavily infested areas, use it across the year. If you have more than one pet then you must treat all of them with relevant flea treatments.

Still Have Questions? – Please email us your queries at support@canadavetexpress.com and we will be happy to help you.

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Great product

Shows amazing result, with only one chew it offers 30 days of flea protection.

Feb 02, 2024


Great parasite control

Easiest way to keep my dog free from fleas and ticks.

Jan 22, 2024

Matt Kieser



Jan 16, 2024


Works for my dog!

Works very well on my dog's flea and tick problem.

Jan 16, 2024

Debbie McMillen


Works good and our vet recommends

Jan 15, 2024

Have A Question?

question-arrow Must it be chewed my dog just swallows it.

next-arrow NexGard is given orally once a month and it can be administered with or without food.

Feb 19, 2024
question-arrow Flea injection?

next-arrow NexGard is a monthly chewable tablet for dogs indicated for the treatment and control of fleas and ticks.

Feb 13, 2024
question-arrow My rescue dog throws up only when she is given trio type preventative. Flea, tick and heart worm. My other rescue dog is fine. Is there anything more gentle on her stomach?

next-arrow We recommend you to consult with a vet for a suitable treatment for your pet.

Sep 04, 2023
question-arrow Does this need to be given year round or only spring/summer months?

next-arrow For complete flea control, Nexgard should be continued all year round, once every month.

Jul 05, 2023
question-arrow is there a generic for Nexgard?

next-arrow No, there's no generic product for Nexgard.

May 19, 2023
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