Ultrum Line-Up for Dog Supplies

Ultrum Line-up for Dogs

Ultrum Line-up is a topical treatment that protects the dogs from parasitic infections. It is a spot-on treatment that kills adult fleas on contact. It also stops the formation of flea eggs and larvae for up to 5 months after administering the product. It comes in a pack of two treatments. When the two treatments used continuously for two months, it provides protection for a maximum of 2 months against biting fleas. It prevents rest of the life stages of the flea from developing into adult fleas for a maximum of 10 months. This treatment also protects dogs from ticks for a maximum of 6 weeks.

How it works?

The treatment Ultrum Line-up consists of 2 active ingredients – Permethrin and Pyriproxifen. Permethrin is an insecticide which ensures the safety of the dog from adult fleas, ticks, lice etc. It paralyses the nervous system of these parasites and thus, stops fleas from biting the dog, five minutes after it has been applied. Pyriproxifen, on the other hand is a pesticide that acts as an Insect Growth regulator (IGR) and prevents flea larvae from developing into adult fleas. This makes them unable to reproduce and protects the dog.

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Louie Good stuff

Good stuff,..works effectively....

Rita Small miracle

small miracle that changed my dog's life. we're sticking to this now on.

Phillips Powerful flea spot on

Powerful flea spot on and has no side effects on our sensitive dogs

Milani controls flea infestations

has effectively controlled flea infestations in both of our dogs.

ISHAM Helps to protect

During this time of the year, Houston gets very hot and very humid. Considering it’s basically a giant swamp, mosquitos and fleas breed like wildfire. This treatment helps to protect our dog from fleas very well.