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Rated : 4.7/5
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Uses: Helps in keeping dogs and cats ears clean and odor free.
Doses: As per directions
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CleanEar for Cats

CleanEar for Cats
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CleanEar Ear Cleaner Solution for Dogs & Cats

CleanEar is a specialized formulation for cleaning dog and cat ears. This ear product helps in keeping dogs and cats' ears clean and odor-free. It helps to remove excess wax and debris, thus prevents all the possibilities of bacteria growth. CleanEar ear solution keeps pet ears clean and dry. Assisting in removing excessive wax, the ear cleanser allows better penetration of antibiotics.

How does it work?

CleanEar is highly effective due to its chemical ingredients - Malic acid, Benzoic acid, Salicylic acid, and Docausate sodium. The chemical combination of Malic acid, Benzoic acid and Salicylic acid creates an environment to stop the growth of bacteria in dog and cat ear. The ingredient Docusate sodium in CleanEar acts as cleansing material, which helps in removing excess wax. The combination prevents ear infection in dogs and cat. It keeps their ears dry and thus, free from bacteria.

Key Benefits


  • CleanEar is a general ear cleaner for both dogs and cats.
  • It helps in removing debris and excess wax, and provides soothing effect.
  • This ear cleaner solution helps to keep dog and cat ears clean and healthy.
  • It prevents ear infection caused due to debris and excess wax.
  • CleanEar eardrops keep dog and cat ears free from odor and moisture.



  • Gently hold your pet’s ear and apply solution into the ear canal.
  • After pouring 2 to 3 drops, gently massage at the base of the ear to help breakup of debris and excessive wax.
  • Use a cotton wool swab to remove all dirt and excess wax.
  • Do not use human ear-buds to clean dog or cat ears.



  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not ingest in your pet.


There are no known contraindications for Cleanear except rare hypersensitivity.

More Info

More Info

Target species Dogs and Cats
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredients Benzoic Acid, Salicylic Acid
Manufacturer Kyron Labs
Brand Name CleanEar
Ratings & Reviews
4.7/5 Based on 10 Review(s)
  • DonovanWorks good

    I have been using this ear solution once a week to keep my spaniel free from developing ear infections. It works effectively and there is no foul smell from his ears.

  • Jody KirbyCleanEar

    Excellent Product

  • Rivasclean ears

    no fuss about waxy ears.

  • Deniseasily removes tough wax

    this cleaner easily removes years of hardened earwax, no more vet treatments require. thanks

  • mannygentle on the skin

    This ear cleaner gently cleans my buddy's ears. The best product ever!

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