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Rated : 4.78/5
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Uses: Highly helpful for pigeons and birds during the stressful seasons of breeding and racing.
Doses: 1 Dose = Daily till 3 Days every month
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Medimune 100 Tablets

Medimune 100 Tablets
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1 Pack
$ 18.73

Medimune Powder for Birds

Medimune Powder for Birds
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Medimune Powder for Pigeons & Birds

Medimune is a leading formulation in improving immunity in pigeons and birds. This immune stimulant is highly helpful for pigeons and birds during the stressful seasons of breeding and racing. The oral treatment also helps pet birds to fight against dreadful viral infections and protects them from the serious consequences of these diseases. Medimune improves immune power and helps birds and pigeons to recover from impaired immunity conditions. Safe for all breeds of birds, Medimune is definitely an excellent product for improving strength in birds.

How does it work?

Medimune is a potent immune improving product for birds and pigeons. It contains varied natural ingredients that dramatically increase the level of immune power in pigeons and birds. It restores the low immunity and helps in regaining strength in birds and pigeons. The active ingredients fight against viral infections and help in protecting birds and pigeons from infectious diseases. This natural supplement helps racing pigeons and birds to face stress during racing and breeding seasons.

Key Benefits


  • Medimune is an excellent immune enhancer and helps in regaining strength in racing pigeons and birds.
  • Cagebirds and pigeons with low immunity power, gains more through Medimune treatment.
  • This oral treatment cures impaired immunity caused due to Circo virus, Paramyxo virus, Adeno-virus infections and Young Bird Disease.
  • Medimune acts as a perfect stress releaser for pigeons and birds undergoing high levels of stress during racing and breeding season.
  • The immune enhancing agent also treats birds more vulnerable to infectious diseases such as E-coli, Salmonella (Paratyphoid), and recurrent respiratory disease.
  • A powerful anti-oxidant Medimune builds strength in racing pigeons.



Tablet form

  • One tablet per pigeon a day is a standard dose.

Powder form

  • Add 5 gm of powder into one kg of bird food.
  • Provide this mixture for three consecutive days once in a month.
  • When pigeons or birds are infected, provide this treatment for ten consecutive days or until signs of infections disappear.



  • Keep it away from pets and children
  • Store in a tightly closed container.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.


  • No known contraindications found yet.

If treatment is not effective, seek vet’s advice.

More Info

More Info

Target Species Pigeons and Birds
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Beta 1,3 D Glucan., B-Carotene, Calcium Ascorbate, Grape Seed Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Manufacturer Medpet
Brand Name Medimune
Ratings & Reviews
4.78/5 Based on 9 Review(s)
  • Leequality and affordable

    effective and affordable treatment for our birds

  • Brazysspecial place

    I have been wanting to write a review for the last four years and I'm now just getting to this. This has been my special online store for bird products, cat and dog products, and supplies for cats and dogs and more.

  • Casey CaraballoMedimune

    Excellent Product

  • oliverNo more infection

    Product was great. No side effects. Got rid of infection.

  • FredricksonGood for birds

    Good product for bird flock. No more danger of spreading infection.

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