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Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar

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Brand: Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar
Uses: Kills, controls and prevents fleas and ticks.
Doses: 1 Collar = 5 Months
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Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar for Dogs

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Dogs Flea and Tick Control Bay-o-Pet Kiltix Collar

Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar is an excellent remedy to repel and kill fleas and ticks. This lightweight, easy-to-wear dog collar has powerful effect in preventing external parasites. A scientifically proven remedy for controlling ticks, Bay-O-Pet Kiltix collar can be used on dogs and puppies above 3 months of age. With this simple to buckle up collar, it is possible to control fleas and ticks up to 5 months and prevent ‘paralysis’ ticks for 6 weeks.

How does it work?

Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar is a unique flea and tick control product for dogs. The ingredient Flumethrin is an active agent that repels and kills fleas and ticks found on dog’s body and surroundings. This easy-to-wear around collar for canines impartially kills different types of ticks including brown ticks, paralysis ticks, and bush ticks apart from fleas. This exclusively designed dog collar has long lasting effect in controlling fleas and ticks. Protecting pets from harmful external parasites, this Kiltix collar prevents several harmful diseases due to fleas and ticks.

Key Benefits
  • An excellent and durable flea and tick treatment.
  • Flumethrin – an active agent repels and destroys fleas and ticks found on dog’s body and surroundings.
  • It is easy to wear due to its lighter weight – 45 gm.
  • No fuss about applying on your pet body or remembering dosages according to weight and size.
  • An affordable flea and tick preventive with no maintenance cost.
  • Make your dog stand in relaxation position.
  • Buckle up the collar around your dog’s neck keeping 2 to 3 finger space in between the neck and collar.
  • Make sure that your pet feels comfortable with the collar.
  • Cut off the removing part of the collar hanging down and dispose it properly in a poly bag.
  • Not suitable for puppies younger than three months of age.
  • Avoid tying on sick or convalescing dogs.
  • Prevent your dog from chewing the collar.
  • As specifically designed for canines, never use it on cats.


  • Never use anticholinesterase pesticides along with Kitlix collar.
  • Immediately remove kitlix collar, if you find your dog is having allergic reactions.
More Info
Target species Dogs
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredients 22.5 g/kg Flumethrin
100 g/kg Propoxur
Manufacturer Bayer
Brand Name Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar
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Sherlock Kills ticks

Great collar that kills ticks well.

mona reliable

This works wonders! Easy to use and very effective.

harnietta just perfect

This is a terrific treatment.

charles complete protection from ticks

This collar is literally the best for tick control.

Romeo no more fleas

happy that ROX is well protected with this collar