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Medpet 4 in 1 100 Tablets

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MEDPET 4 IN 1 Powder for Pigeons

MedPet 4-in-1 tablets or powder is an innovative bird supply from the house of MedPet. This oral treatment is one of the best multiple bird diseases preventives. This bird care product treats and prevents various bacterial infections including E-Coli coccidiosis, canker and paratyphoid. MedPet 4-in-1 easy to administer treatment is also effective in treating gastro-intestinal diseases apart from diarrhea and vomiting. It’s safe to use on cagebirds and pigeons.

How does it work?

MedPet 4-in-1 is a special formulation that contains two active ingredients Furaltadone and Ronidazole. These ingredients kill the bacterial organisms and help pigeons to strengthen. the special formulation treats bacterial infections such as canker, E-Coli, coccidiosis and paratyphoid. The single dose oral treatment also controls and prevents harmful bacterial diseases infecting pet birds.

Key Benefits
  • MedPet 4-in-1 is a unique treatment for numerous bacterial infections in birds.
  • This broad-spectrum remedy treats birds and pigeons effectively without any side effects.
  • This oral formula treats four different types of infections in birds and racing pigeons.
  • It is quite cost-effective and requires no prior diagnosis for starting the treatment.
  • MedPet 4-in-1 can also be started when a report of diagnosis is pending.

Usage of Tablet form:

One tablet per pigeon is a standard dosage.

For preventive use:

  • Dissolve one tablet into drinking water of a single bird pet.
  • Can be directly administered individually.
  • Dose for three consecutive days.

For curative use    

  • Dissolve one tablet into drinking water of a single bird pet.
  • Can be directly administered individually.
  • Dose for five consecutive days.

Usage of powder form

For Prevention Use

Add one teaspoon= 5 grams to 4 litres of drinking water for 4 consecutive days.

For Curative Use

Add one teaspoon= 5 grams to 4 litres of drinking water for 7 consecutive days.

For other birds:

Put 5 gm of powder or one heaped measure included with 500 gm of soft food for 5-7 days continuously.

Put little light oil into the mixture so that Medistatin adheres to it.

  • Store it in a tightly packed container after use.
  • Keep it away from children and pets.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


No possible contraindications known till yet. 

More Info
Target Species Pigeons, birds and poultry
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Furaltadone
Manufacturer Medpet
Brand Name MEDPET 4 IN 1

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I would highly recommend medpet for birds
May 17, 2023

Cost effective

This product is very reasonable and effective.
Apr 10, 2023

Quality Product

There are very few products for birds and this is the best out of them.
Mar 04, 2023

Best Solution

Easy to dose water solution powder and effective for my birdies.
Oct 03, 2022

Must Buy

This is an excellent product, I'm a regular user and this creates wonders.
Jun 07, 2022

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Medpet 4 in 1 for Birds

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