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Bob Martin Clear Ticks & Fleas Spot On
Bob Martin Clear Ticks & Fleas Spot On

Bob Martin Clear Ticks & Fleas Spot On for Cats 1x1.07ml


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Bob Martin Clear Ticks & Fleas Spot On for Cats 1x1.07ml 1 Pack

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Bob Martin Tick and Flea Spot On for Cats and Kittens

Bob Martin Cat Spot On is a reliable and effective solution for tick and flea infestations. It offers long-lasting parasite protection for up to four weeks. The spot-on treatment is easy to use and provides precise dosing for effective flea and tick control. It repels fleas, breaks the flea life cycle and inhibits the development of flea eggs. With a gentle formula designed for cats of all breeds, you can be sure that your feline furry friend will receive the care and attention they need to remain safe and healthy.

How it works?

Bob Martin Tick and Flea Spot On for Cats contain RS Methoprene, which helps break the flea life cycle by preventing egg development and reproduction. It also contains Ethylbutylacetylaminoproprionate, an active ingredient that kills fleas and ticks on contact.

Key Benefits
  • Reliable and effective flea and tick treatment
  • Provides 4 weeks long-lasting parasite protection
  • Breaks the flea life cycle and inhibits flea egg development
  • Repels and controls fleas
  • Eliminated fleas and tick on contact
  • Safe and gentle solution for all breeds of cats
  • Remove one pipette from the pack when ready to use
  • Make your pet stand still and part the fur until skin is visible
  • Apply all the content onto your pet’s skin
  • Do not rub or spread the solution, it may reduce the product’s efficacy
  • For external use only
  • Follow the labeled directions for appropriate use
  • Keep out of reach of children and other household pets
  • Store in a cool, dry place
More Info
TargetSpecies Cats
ModeofApplication Topical(SpotOn)
ProductType TickandFleaControl/Treatment
ActiveIngredient RSMethoprene15%m/m&Ethylbutyfacetylaminopropionate70%m/m
Brand BobMartin
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Each treatment of this easy-to-apply, odorless solution helps to repel fleas from your cat.

May 14, 2023


Safe and effective

This is an extremely safe, simple, and effective way to treat and prevent flea infestation in Kittens.

May 13, 2023

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